Dedicated to the beautification & restoration of Shreveport’s most historic neighborhood

Our Mission

The mission of the Historic South Highlands Neighborhood Association is to promote a better neighborhood and community through group action.

Our Objectives:

  • Building relationships among neighbors
  • Creating a unified voice (a collective voice is a stronger voice)
  • Providing an effective communication link with the City of Shreveport
  • Strengthening communication within the neighborhood
  • Resolving neighborhood issues together
  • Creating a sense of community among residents
  • Keeping informed of news that affects the neighborhood
  • Increasing awareness of decisions that impact the neighborhood
  • To operate exclusively as a not-for-profit organization to enhance the neighborhood
  • To identify community needs and mobilize resources to meet those identified needs
  • To cooperate and network with other neighborhood associations or organizations for the improvement of the quality of life in South Highlands and Shreveport